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MMag 189 Little tooth (2)

Sunday School Activity Sheet: MMag 189 Little tooth (2)

tags: abortion, baby, child, unborn child, kill, killed, killing, abort, life, life from conception, womb, mother, murder, life, undeserved, undeserving, unfair, abortionist, unborn, aborting a baby

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short name: MMag 189 Little tooth (2)
nutshell: The story of a baby tooth being pulled, compared to abortion.

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Wording of this Handout:

The big day had arrived! The baby tooth was just about to break through!

But the mouth went for another long walk, back to the big building, and into the office where the man in the white coat was.

The mouth opened wide, and the man in the white coat started to do terrible things to the baby tooth!

He stabbed it with a long needle.

And he cut around it with a sharp knife.

He sucked up the blood with a hose, and put stinking stuff on the wounds.

The little tooth was cut to pieces, and pulled out. All the other teeth were horrified!!

What had this baby tooth done to deserve such cruel treatment?

Right from when the new tooth had been just a little bump, it had been loved. Now it was a bleeding mess. There was no need for it to be removed. It should have been allowed to live, so it could lead a happy, useful life, or....

at least have the CHANCE to live a happy, useful life.

Some expectant mothers don't realize that the little baby in their womb is a human being.

They have that little person killed, before it even has a chance to be a child.

Abortion is, according to the Bible, the murder ofd an innocent human being. A terrible crime.

But God can forgive even murders.

If you are thinking about having an abortion, think of your child. You may be depriving yourself of a lovely personality.

If you have already had an abortion, and feel guilty, God can help you. The Lord Jesus is able to wash away your sins, and heal the hurts. He can't change what you've done, but he can give you a new heart and a new start. Trust him today.
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