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064 - Wolves

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 064 - Wolves
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Wording of this Handout:


The wolf is a hunting dog with great strength and high intelligence. It can work out strategies for hunting its prey, running in a pack, separating the weak from the herd, tracking its prey to exhaustion, then eating everything.

The wolf is not evil or wicked though. It simply acts on instinct in an efficient and effective way, and meets its needs.

This is similar to the way a cult works. Cults are usually well-meaning, sincere groups of dedicated people, who think they have right beliefs. They usually spend their time planning ways of winning over more and more people to what they believe, and in a strnge sort of way, they feel they must be right the more they succeed to winning converts over. The bigger the cult, the more certain they are that they are right.

Most cults have a strain of Christianity in them. Some even pose as actual Christians, and use Bible words, and quote from or carry Bibles. Only gullible people, or Christians who don't study their Bible fall prey to cults. why is this? Because the Bible is the truth, and any deviation from it is error. Cults don't accept this rule.

The Bible (Jesus) says "Beware of false teachers who come disguised as harmless sheep, but are wolves, and will tear you apart." (Matthew 7:15 the Living Bible paraphrase)
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