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022 - Older but closer

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 022 - Older but closer

tags: older, mature, mature christian, closer to God, aware of sin, sinful, sinner, sinful nature, older christian, draw nearer do God

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short name: 022 - Older but closer

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Wording of this Handout:

Older but closer

A dear old man, a Christian, once told me, with a smile, that he though he was worse now than when he had first become a Christian many years ago.

He did not mean that he had become more sinful, and he did not mean that since he had received Jesus as Lord and Savior that he was more disobedient. No, what he meant was he was more aware of his sinful nature, now that he had walked with God for those many years.

And that is how it is. The closer we get to God, who is perfect, and holy, and pure, the more we realize we are not meeting his perfect standards.

But that is good news, really, because people who are not Christians usually couldn't care less! So be encouraged - if you feel an increasing need for God's indwelling power, you are moving nearer to him. That's the best direction to go.

Nearer, closer, better, brighter!

The Bible says "For God is at work within you"
(Philippians 2:13 The Living Bible paraphrase)
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