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052 - Tea-ladies

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 052 - Tea-ladies

tags: church, heart and soul, core, backbone, fellowship

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short name: 052 - Tea-ladies

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Wording of this Handout:

The tea-ladies.

In one church I visited everyone who came seemed to have a job. Most of the people were there to sit and listen - it was their job to be a congregation, while a handful of others were there to speak, or teach, hand out books, pass the collection basket, or stand at the doors.

And then there were the tea-ladies.

These lovely old women, all smiling and happy in the Lord, would had off to the church kitchen towards the end of the service and prepare to tea pot, sugar, cups, spoons and biscuits, then the would wheel the whole lot into the main room and start to serve. For many of the children the was their favorite part of the service, because they got to eat chocolate biscuits and other treats. For other people it was a chance to talk, and catch up on the news.

Where wold we be without the tea-ladies?! They were the heart and soul of the meeting! Sure, the preaching was good, the solemn Bible lessons were good, but the tea-ladies brought the fellowship.

The Bible says "We have different gifts, according to the grace given us."
(Romans 12:6 New International Version)
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