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105 - Great Noah

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 105 - Great Noah

tags: Noah, obedient, obey, obedience, obediently, made the ark, obeyed God, obey God, normal, norm, God's instruction

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short name: 105 - Great Noah

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Wording of this Handout:

What was so great about Noah?

Nothing really. He was just the same as you or I. He had to sleep at night, and eat every day. He wore clothes, bushed his hair, washed, and talked to people. He caught colds and bled when he scratched himself.

The only thing Noah did that made him different was that he did what God told him to do. God told him to build a huge boat, so he built it. God told Noah to wait inside the boat, so he did. God told him to make one window in the boat, so he did. God told him when to come out of the boat, so he did.

Apart from that Noah had nothing to brag about. All he did was follow God's instructions. Simple!.

But we have to say that Noah's obedience was quite remarkable. What would you or I do if God told us to build a boat as enormous as the ark?

The good news is God has never told us to do anything as monumental as to build a colossal boat! And thank goodness for that! But he has given us some other instructions, which are a lot easier than nailing vast amounts of wood together. Are you and I obeying them?

I'm glad he didn't tell me to build two of them!

The Bible says "But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord." Genesis 6:8 (New King James Version.)
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