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053 - Looking ahead

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 053 - Looking ahead

tags: think, thinking, looking ahead, consequence, repercussion, result, consider, think first, look ahead, Daily Nibbles, 2 Timothy, 2 Timothy 2

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short name: 053 - Looking ahead
nutshell: Making God fearing decisions.

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Wording of this Handout:

Looking Ahead

One of the greatest faults which most humans haves their inability (or unwillingness) to look ahead. We tend to do things now and forget about the consequences.

Like the youth who tries smoking, and ends up in the hospital a few years later with lung cancer or emphysema. Or the young woman who lives with a man, and gets pregnant. A year later she's a solo Mum struggling to stay sane without a husband to support her. Or the helmet less young man who rides his motorbike dangerously and ends up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

When we are young we tend to go on how we feel. Our body's senses - taste, sight, smell, sound, touch - all tempt us to do stupid things. What we really should do is think first, and look ahead. We should ask: "Will this thing I want to do hurt me? Will it be a good witness to others? Will I be setting a good example to other Christians?"

The Bible says, "Flee (run away from) the evil desires of youth."
2 Timothy 2:22
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