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071 - Lifting holy hands

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 071 - Lifting holy hands

tags: repent, repentance, sin, sinful, guilty, forgiven, lifting holy hands, 1 Timothy, 1 Timothy 2, Daily Nibbles, repentant

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short name: 071 - Lifting holy hands
nutshell: Worship God by obeying the Bible.

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Wording of this Handout:

Lifting Holy Hands

I was invited to a Full Gospel Business Men's Conference and was impressed by the number of men (mainly) who came. There were hundreds of them, almost all Christians, and very keen to praise God and learn from the speakers.

But before the conference started, a man took the stage and asked for a show of hands. He said something like this:

"How many of you have driven here and have gone over the speed limit?"

"How many of you have been unkind toward your wives this week?"

"How many of you have mocked or unfairly criticized an elected leader?"

And a few other "how many's" later, just about every hand had gone up.

"We have come here to worship God," said the man, "and just about every one of you has the stains of SIN on your hands! How can you lift them up to praise God with? I think we'd better start this conference with a prayer of repentance!"

So we all prayed for forgiveness, then the conference was opened.

The Bible says, " I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing."
1 Timothy 2:8
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