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036 - Cherries

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 036 - Cherries
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Wording of this Handout:

Life is not a bowl of cherries

You probably know that if you jump off the roof of your house you will probably injure yourself? And you probably know that if you walk through a garden full of roses, you will probably tear you clothes and gather many scratches?

This shows that, without realizing it, you make up rules yourself. Many of these rules are restrictive - that means they say " You must not..."

And why do you make these rules up? Because you know from experience, or just plain common sense, that if you break you own rules, you will cause yourself troubles and sometimes pain.

God has given us rules too, and none of them were given to cause us pain. We sometime wonder why the rules are there, and we sometimes don't understand them, but God is very wise, so He must know best.

Rule number one: Don't annoy the dog!

The Bible says "The law of you mouth is better to me than thousands of shekels of gold and silver."
(Psalms 119:72 New King James Version)
download this handout