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138 - Best Manual

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 138 - Best Manual

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short name: 138 - Best Manual
nutshell: What's in the Bible and how it applies to everyone

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Wording of this Handout:

The Best Manual

True or false: all the Bible ever talks about is 'churchy' things.

If you said 'True' then you obviously haven't been reading it! The fact is the Bible is about nearly everything! It starts with a brief history of the world, giving us details about life on this planet which are older than any other record of those times. It then goes on to tell use about where many things started and what happened to them.

The Bible also contains masses of wisdom, and poetry, and more history, and some biography, and eyewitness accounts, and prophecy and some geology, geography, insights into different cultures and so on. It has material about speech, music, science, space, animals, plants, buildings, gardening, sculpture, cosmetics, natural cures, stock and farm management, health and money.

The fact is the Bible is for all humans to read. It is God's Manual for living the best life, which is why God has packed everything we need into it. The trouble is, most people don't read the Manual, and many of those who do actually read it, do so after they've crashed!

How sad.

The Bible says "I delight myself in Your statues: I will not forget Your Word" Psalm 119:16
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