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Show The Lord
"This court is now in session!" said 'His Honor' from the bench.
Grace Freely Given
Why then is it so hard to get back?
The Thorn
We all have thorns in the flesh at times. Some are relieved and some remain with us. I believe those thorns are there to help us focus on God and to remind us of his love, provision and strength. I praise God in the good times and the bad.
Proclaim, Exclaim, And Exalt His Name
Exclaim means to show great feeling, excitement, or emotion. We can proclaim, exclaim, and exalt Christ's name.
A Lesson From The Shamrock
We can use the shamrock during March as an object lesson to teach about the Trinity and give the Gospel story.
Have A Nice Daywinner of poetry contest
For years we have heard a polite phrase, "Have a nice day!" This poem considers how a Christian can have a nice day.
It's hard to get out.
The Battle
Everyday we must be prepared to fight the good fight!
Solid Rock
Where are your feet?