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Thanksgiving Poems

Ruled by Gratitude
While I was studying Paul's letter to the Colossian church (chapter 3, verses 15-17), I noticed that he urged his readers to make gratitude to God a part of everything they did. This planted the seed what eventually became this year's Thanksgiving prayer
Thanksgiving in Minnesota
Childhood Memories of Thanksgiving on the farm in Minnesota
Thank You So Much, Lord.
Thanking God for all He has given me.
Thank You Lord
The Lord is so good I could never thank him enough.
I am so undeserving of His endless goodness to me.
When I think of His wonderful love for me it is nothing short of miraculous!
In Him.winner of poetry contest
I word I trust that will help us all to rejoice in HIM
Thanks and Giving
Thanks + giving = Thanksgiving. Giving is one of the best expressions of our thanks. Praise God for the greatest of gifts in Jesus.
Life is a Gift
My husband has been very sick for over three months now. I forgot to shut my computer off one night and I was incredulous of the emails and prayers that came to us. I am so thankful for these friends who pray for us. It is a gift from God.