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Poems by John Janzen

Just a Man
Tammy Wynette released "Stand by your Man" in 1968. It became one of the best selling songs by a woman in Country music history. One of the lines goes "after all, he's just a man". I play off this idea thinking about what God can do with "just a man".

Ode to the Church Meeting first in poetry contest
How we have yearned to meet as a body for worship these last 3 months under Covid - 19 restrictions.

The Cross will Cost
Sometimes I find the Christian path inequitable. This poem is a reminder that I need to consider eternity over equality.

Best Laid Plans finalist in poetry contest
God has a remarkable way of producing life from death. He creates a calm in the midst of calamity and is able to bring about a blessing in the turmoil of disaster.

Going Fishing first in poetry contest
The Gospel is ready in and out of season, are we?

Go Ye
Matthew 28:18 states that because all power is given to Jesus, we should go. That's because we're empowered by Him.

Winter Still finalist in poetry contest
Finding hope and new vision amid the winter still.

How the Cookie Crumbles finalist in poetry contest
I wrote this after being inspired by a poem from Valerie Cox titled “The Cookie Thief”

Sharing Shepherds
The Good News of the Saviour's birth is Good News worth sharing.