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Poems by John Janzen

Going Fishing winner of poetry contest
The Gospel is ready in and out of season, are we?
Go Ye
Matthew 28:18 states that because all power is given to Jesus, we should go. That's because we're empowered by Him.
Winter Still
Finding hope and new vision amid the winter still.
How the Cookie Crumbles
I wrote this after being inspired by a poem from Valerie Cox titled “The Cookie Thief”
Sharing Shepherds
The Good News of the Saviour's birth is Good News worth sharing.
Key to the Kingdom
Christ is ultimately the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven. His Gospel prevails.
An expression of gratitude.
Choices winner of poetry contest
Time advances and choices render a result for eternity.
Pursuing a Living
May God extend grace as we seek to cultivate meaningful relationships in our homes.
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