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Salvation Poems

Plant A Word Today
If we are to reproduce . . . we must plant a Word of the hope that is inside of us!
He's set me free.
When Jesus Took My Care
Life was meaningless . . . until Jesus took from me all my cares.
The Unseen Line
When this life is over we step into another life, "the unseen line" crossed by each soul ever born. This poem is in hopes that you will believe in the one who loves you and died for your soul. Based on: Luke 16
Where will I go?
This is the first "Christian Poem" that I wrote almost 10 years ago, after a long time away from the Lord. Love In Christ Danette
It's Time
All Christians have come to the point where we chose to accept Jesus as our personal Savoir.
The gift of all gifts
A poem reaching out to the non christians out there.
I Believe in Heaven
My poetic interpretation of Luke chapter 16 verses 19-31. With a challenge in the last verse for the reader.
Horizon's Path
When all the greatest rulers rest in graveyards,down underneath their oxen and their plows...

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