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The Sinner

by Catherine Howell

An erring child, I wandered
The Son wasn't anywhere in sight
My sinful heart became darkened
And covered by the blackest night.

I had no hope any longer
Life was futile and incomplete
His hand was heavy upon me
Until I fell, almost dead, at His feet.

Then He showed me what it was like
To live without His love
And what my end would be
If I continued on the path that I chose.

He showed me how I had hurt
Everyone who depended on me
And He let me see how in running away
I lost all sight of eternity.

Then, instead of letting me die there
In the condition I had gotten myself in
He showed me just how much He loved me
And cleansed me from all of my sin.

His joy in my heart overwhelmed me
I couldn't believe He was there
And I knew the assurance of His forgiveness
And was finally sure that He cared.

One day I know I will see Him
And I will finally look upon His face
Then my eyes will forever be opened
And I will understand the cost of His Grace.

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