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Here you will find poems about God, faith and many other topics dear to Christians. You can submit your own original poetry by joining. Click here, it's free. All poems are automatically entered into our monthly contest.
We take inspiration form God's work in other people. Here is a story that is one of rags to riches. The world's rags to heaven's riches. it is a brief biography. Another title I considered - WITNESS ON THE PATHS OF LIFE. Hope it inspires you for God

My Saviour’s Arms
Sometimes when we feel we are hurting; we try as we might and there is nothing we can do. I turn toward heaven and my Saviour’s arms are always there to help even when I don't have the faith to believe it.

God has given much beauty in Nature and Jesus used illustrations from the natural word in messages and sermons. We ought to observe more and then wonder about the aspects of creation that speak of the Creator.

The Blood That Covers
A poem stating that without Christ's shed blood to cover us we have no hope

On the Kingdom of God
Short anaphora poem, inspired by Luke 17: 20-21 and Luke 18: 15-17

Gratefully Grateful
Contemplation of modern life, and knowing that God is still in control and being thankful for it .Hoping that those who are Christians would present themselves distinctly different when dealing with the ups and downs of life.

You Will Be Found
This poem is about a disgruntled person who really doesn't like themselves or life, yet knows a little about faith. It concludes with a message of the hope of being found and saved by Jesus !

Today is the age of compromise, in Governments, in churches, in behaviour, in legislation. Christians are of Christ's standard, not the world's. Compromise is very subtle and sometimes we don't even know we are doing it. Transformation not conformity.

Never Far from His Hand
The story of Jesus and Peter walking on the water

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