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Here you will find poems about God, faith and many other topics dear to Christians. You can submit your own original poetry by joining. Click here, it's free. All poems are automatically entered into our monthly contest.
Could Uh, Should Uh, Would Uh
In Romans 7:14-25, Paul writes concerning his struggles with the law of the mind and the law of sin. We give in too often to the flesh. As children of God, we need to walk in the Spirit and not give place to the devil. Ephesians 4:22-27; Galatians 5:16
Being steady in the Lord God, for with Him all shall be fine
The spread of the Word through common men
Walkin' On Water
You either have faith in yourself and you own little world - or you have faith in Jesus and His Will. You can only choose one.
Please God
A plea to be a fruitful believer
I don’t live there
I don’t live there any longer,where hearts are always breaking.The grace I found is stronger, I will never be forsaken.
I Am He
The one, the only, the alpha and the omega, the first and the last who will ever be!
God Is Able
God's promise is that He will take care of all who trust and have faith in Him. I learn daily that this is a fact.