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Kindred Souls

by Kathleen Higham

We were always kindred souls
At the moment of our first meeting
Something had passed between us
Even though it was so fleeting

And as we grew in friendship
Our hearts became entwined
The years of searching came to us
And we prayed to God to find

The place where we define Him
And build a life that is right
Wanting to share it with our Lord
To be pleasing in His sight

It was never an easy task
But our love has conquered all
As the trials that came before us
So often had made us fall

And yet our Lord is faithful
For today we are on our knees
Thanking Him for this life to come
And God has heard our pleas

We have waited so so long
To become husband and wife
And we are praising God alone
For a spirit filled holy life

Today we stand before you Lord
With our heart our mind our soul
Asking for Your blessing now
In a union that makes us whole

We were always kindred souls
And so many years have passed
But finally this day has come
Together forever at last

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