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Women of Christ

by Kathleen Higham

Drawn by the depths of their desire
I can't believe what I have learned
Two women who are serving unselfishly
Never ending all consuming and concerned

These women are the wives of Pastors
As they lay their hearts on their sleeve
Relentlessly giving all that they have
But passionately to Jesus they cleave

So much alike yet so different
One captures you with her voice
The other with a heart so pure
And both have made this choice

To serve with a Christ like life
With courage when trouble is near
Always putting others above themselves
Even when suffering with their own fear

Drawn by the depths of their desire
I am honored to love each one
Sisters who have ministered to me
For their work is never done

I see faces glowing with joy
Giving praise to the Lord every day
Two women much like each other
Only God could have made them that way

I am so utterly thankful
God blesses me again and again
Drawn by the depths of their desire
Two women I call my friend

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Book by Kathleen Higham

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