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by Anthony Paul Curtis © 2007

Don't let the world knock you off your feet
If you have enough courage you'll never be beat
If things are rough and you think you're not tough
Talk it over with friends and you'll find strength enough.

If you think you have problems just look around
There are thousands of people whose lives are not sound
Mopers no-hopers, with heartaches galore
If you don't have these problems get up off the floor
Talk things over with friends and worry no more.

For a friend who helps you is helping himself
By being a friend he's not left on the shelf
And maybe he needs you more than you him
Even for a friend life can sometimes be grim.

A telephone call a cheerful letter
(A call in person would be even better)
And your life will be happier less filled with pain
So let in the sunshine, laugh at the rain
Talk it over with friends...
Start LIVING again!

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