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Songs that Reach the Heavens

by Danette Kettwich

Meditating upon
The kind of songs I sing;
What kind of melody
Reaches to my King?

The spirit spoke to me
As if right on queue
These are the songs
I long to hear from you:

Songs of the humble
Reaches to this place
Airs of broken hearts
Are the ones that I embrace
Songs of desperation,
From ones who've lost it all
When pride is left behind
And the staved souls call

The needs of the hopeless;
A plea of last chance
Tunes of the forgotten
Never given a second glance.

Songs of the thankful,
A harmony of praise
These are the songs
I love for you to raise.

Carols of the faithful;
Refrains of worship true
When a quartet of singers
Sing along with you.

Exclaims from deep within
A weary wanting heart
When sin and regret will
No longer keep us apart.

These are the songs
That reaches to the King
These are the melodies
I long for you to sing.

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