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The Monster!

by Danette Kettwich

There's a monster in my closet
I try to keep him hidden there
Every now and then he creeps out
And reeks havoc everywhere.

I strongly despise this monster
I don't like the way he plays
He makes a mess of everything
I wish he would just go away!

Sometimes his eyes are emerald green
Sometimes they are glowing red
My hearts prayer that he would
Just be a gentle kitten instead!

I try to keep the monster hidden
I don't want people to see
How terrible I can become
When I let him take over me!

This monster is "human nature"
He lives in the hearts of all
If we don't keep him on his leash
He will grow and have a ball!

I pray this annoying monster
Stays in the closet over there,
When I feel he is escaping
The Lord will make me well aware!

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