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A Father's Day Poem

by George Cuff

Here is a truth few men understand,
For who wants to be labeled a girly man?
If meekness is weakness as many think,
I might as well dress myself in pink.

Here is how a man should feel:
His life should embrace both velvet and steel.
If how that looks is what you would know,
It is displayed in a man with power under control.

Jesus, our Lord, was such a man
Endowed with the strength of a carpenter’s hand.
Strong to give the moneychangers chase,
So gentle a child loved His embrace.

Bold to confront the Pharisee’s sin,
Ministering to all who called upon Him,
Preaching the truth, telling it straight,
He taught us to love and not to hate.

This same Jesus stretched out his arms,
Was nailed to the cross and brutally harmed;
Cruelly assaulted enduring great pain,
He purchased salvation for our great gain.

If you want to learn what a real man is
Seek to pattern your life after His.
Observe how he modeled strength and faith
So we could walk in manly grace.

God has a plan for each man on earth.
Some to be fathers; raise sons from birth.
Teach them to model their life after His,
For that, dear friend, is what a real man is.

Matthew 5:5

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