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My Dad Was My Hero

by Margaret Cagle

My dad was not rich or famous.
He was just quite a normal guy,
But he provided us with assets
That great riches could not buy.

Dad taught us to love the Lord,
And he taught us the Godly way.
Dad brought us up in church,
And he taught us how to pray.

Dad taught us to work hard,
And to be honest and never lie.
When tasks seemed too hard,
He encouraged us to always try.

When thunder storms brewed,
I felt they could do me no harm
As long as I was by my daddy,
And around me stretched his arm.

My dad would take us swimming,
And he would take us fishing too.
I have such happy memories
Of the fun things we would do.

My dad is now up in Heaven,
Rejoicing with the Savior above.
While on earth, he was my hero,
And he showed me so much love.

This poem was a finalist in the June 2018 poetry contest

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