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The Blood Before His Eyes

by Carley Arrowood © 2018

This heart is just a broken jar
Clashing with the world it’s in
How can it ever win this war,
When daily struggling with sin?

There is a blood debt that I owe
To have my life redeemed again.
Yet pay it, I cannot and so,
It seems that I shall never win.

The fight gets harder every day
With flaming arrows from all sides.
“You’re a failure!” so he’ll say;
The enemy, with evil strides.

He struts about with fiery lips
That bear the lies that knock me low.
With all hope lost, what can I do?
Can nothing save my dying soul?

There is but One Who knows the way,
Who brings life from this death in me.
‘Tis only He Who breaks all chains;
He sets the captives ever free.

So to the Cross they led Him up,
While bloody sweat ran down His cheeks.
With nail-pierced flesh He drank my cup,
Submissive, beaten, bruised and meek.

When farther from the light I strayed,
He took my place and gave His blood,
That my debt comes before Him paid
In full; I’m plunged into the flood.

God’s thunder shook the mountainside
As He drew in one final breath,
Then, “It is done!” the victory cry,
As Jesus died my heinous death.

His body limp and wholly slain,
And soldier now is gripped with fear;
While blood still drips from wounds he’s made,
He says, “The Son of God hangs here.”

‘Twas done for me; how vast the grace!
What value does the Master see?
That I should look upon His face,
And have a life eternally?

Oh wretch, ‘tis done for you as well!
Will you not heed the Master’s call?
Cleansed by His blood, set free from Hell,
The debt is paid, one time for all!

Now when we come before God’s throne,
Our souls forever shall arise;
For He sees all our sins are gone,
Thanks to the blood before His eyes.

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