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by Cassandra Perez

I will take off my mask for others to see

That there is brokenness behind this beauty

I am real I am raw and I am broken

Sometimes I may even be way too outspoken

I say and do so much that is wrong

And to admit to it takes way too long

My mask is coming for others to see

That it is Christ working with in me

That because i have tremendous flaws

there is no way I could ever uphold his laws

I sometimes have anger as well as pain

You see their is alot I’ve lost and that I will gain

He knows the me I have hidden deep within

He knows my best day and my darkest sin

He know that I am weak and I am not strong

To say I have it together I would be wrong

My mask makes others think that on my own I am ok

That is not what I want my life to say

I want others to see that I am in the wrong

And that I am weak but he is strong

That my mask in itself is a lie

So why is it that I continually try

To make others see only what is good

And not be transparent the way I should

Honestly I am not tough, not at all

And at times I will fall

Because there are rocks along this road

That trip me up with my load

But that is a load I no longer carry on my own

And no longer have to pay for all the seeds I’ve sown

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