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In Mother's Heart

by Margaret Cagle

"What's it like to be my mommy?"
Asked a child to her mother dear.
"Well, come here, and I'll tell you,"
And she drew her daughter near.

"As a tiny beautiful newborn baby,
I loved you right from the start.
I lovingly held you in my arms,
And I tucked you deeply in my heart."

"I feed you, and I clothe you,
And I teach you right from wrong,
And I also pray every single day
That for God you will be strong."

"I try to teach you Bible verses,
And I also teach you how to pray,
And I pray that you'll always stay
Just as sweet as you are today."

"I pray that God will save you
At an early age, my dear child,
And that you'll be a willing servant
With a manner that's meek and mild."

"When you get hurt, my dear child,
Your boo-boo I will surely kiss,
And when you go to school each day,
Your presence, I know I'll miss."

"I will listen to your problems,
And I will give you sound advice,
And whenever you may need my help,
You will not have to ask me twice."

"When you have reached adulthood,
And have left the cozy nest here,
I'll still have you in my heart,
For you'll still be my child so dear."

The young child kissed her mother
As a smile lit up her little face.
"Mommy, I'm glad I'm in your heart.
I want to never leave that place."

"And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD."Psalm 40:3

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