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The Real Night Before

by Jared Vaillancourt

Twas a night like no other, since the beginning of time
When the LORD sent His angel with a message sublime
To a favoured young virgin, in the Nazareth town;
To Mary, descending, for God sent him down.

His appearance was startling, his words trouble wrought,
But with quick explanation, reassurance he brought
She would bear God's own child, Jesus, His Son
With the throne of His father, His reign had begun.

“How can this be, since I've not known a man?”
Was the young girl's response to the Father's great plan.
“God's Spirit will come down upon you”, he said,
“And His pow'r will o'ershadow”, she had nothing to dread.

“I am the Lord's servant, so let it be done”,
Were Mary's last words to the angelic one.
So full of excitement, to family she went
To Elizabeth's home, where much time was spent.

Her betrothed, this event, he disliked completely
And he sought for a means to divorce her discreetly
But a dream, where an angel said, “Don't be afraid.”
Revealed that the Child by God's Spirit was made.

So Joseph now willing to take Mary as wife
They readied, together, for a God-blessed life
It was not long before the problems, they mounted
Caesar ordered all of the people be counted

To the town of their birth, each family did travel
Long perilous roads of dust, dirt, and gravel
They travelled the distance, to old Bethlehem
Where trouble awaited, there was no room for them.

Now the time had arrived, the baby was due
In the dark of the world, God's Light did shine through
A manger would serve as His first little bed
Wrapped tightly in cloth, He laid down His head

Now at this same time, in near fields, by the by,
Were the shepherds, with their sheep, keeping an eye
Suddenly, from the heaven came a glorious light
And a voice from above broke the silence of night.

The shepherds, so afraid, were all cowering there.
“Fear not” said the angel, “For good tidings I bear.”
“Unto you, born the Saviour, on this very day”
“Who is Christ the Lord!”, the angel did say.

He was joined in an instant by a heavenly host
And they raised voices high from their innermost
“Glory to God in the highest! And to men peace on earth”
These words were proclaimed on the day of Christ's birth.

The angels departed, shepherds charged one another,
Then running to see, beheld the Child and His mother.
Having offered their praise, they went all around
Telling others what had happened and Who they had found.

People came as they heard, from near and afar
Wise men visited much later having followed a star
They worshipped the Child, for the Truth they did hold
And gave him their gifts of myrrh, frankincense and gold

This story's not over, it gets told every year
For the redemption of people, Truth must persevere
Christmas is more than some heart-felt narration
It's God's gift to mankind, a chance at salvation

To wise men, this Child is the King of the Jews
He's the Son of God, the Messiah, the choose
You can go through this life with a spiritual rift
Or believe in the Father, the Truth, and His Gift

This poem was a finalist in the September 2016 poetry contest

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