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Like a Rose

by A Janeen Quillman

Like a rose bud in early spring
Promising beauty untold,
Your birth was a time of great joy
As we watched each day unfold.

Like a rose bud whose petals peek
At the new day's morning sun,
You grew in a most lovely way,
Bright fun-filled days one by one.

Like a rose gently blooming
So pleasing in sight and scent,
Your sweet personality touched
Others wherever you went.

Like a rose in its full grandeur
Reflecting God's love on earth,
Your life has been one of beauty,
We're so thankful for your birth!

So on this special day of yours
Your birthday of twenty-one,
We send you all our love today
And through all the years to come.

Twenty-seven years later

But while our rose was in full bloom
Her petals began to fade.
One by one they floated down
And upon the ground they laid.

With all the love that we could give
And care to help her survive,
When all her strength and will were gone,
Our rose withered and she died.

But don't be sad because we know
We will see our rose again.
Having heard the gospel message,
She repented of her sins.

With tear drops of deep conviction
Like dew upon her face,
She received her Savior Jesus
And His redeeming grace.

So we will press her memory
Between the pages of our heart,
Remembering all our happy times,
Sweet comfort while we're apart.

Longing for the day in heaven
When we see her as before,
Embracing at the feet of Jesus
Praising Him forevermore.

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