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Reflections About Cancer

by George Cuff

When cancer strikes and our days are torn; when it seems our life is through,
It helps to remember through the storm what cancer cannot do.

When we've placed our faith in Jesus our Lord, when we've surrendered to God above;
We live by faith in blessed accord, for it cannot cripple love.

When strength is fading and weariness climbs; when we're temped to cry and mope,
The light of God's Word upon us shines; cancer cannot shatter hope.

When the battle is hot; our spirit weak, we walk God's path so straight.
We thank the Lord, we seek his grace; it cannot obliterate faith.

When fear comes tearing through our soul with harassment that will not cease,
We sing God's praise; His Word extol, for it cannot destroy our peace.

When despondency seeks to distort the truth shouting "Nobody cares, let it end."
We are comforted with love by those who are true, for it cannot separate friends.

When we think of all that we could lose; when there's no medical hope to encourage,
We lift our hearts and cling to God, for it cannot cancel our courage.

When cancer continues its vicious attack, it seeks to destroy the whole,
But we are sustained by this strong fact: it cannot invade our soul.

Cancer may steal our health and our plans; it may ravage our organs internal.
It may even reduce this life's span, but it cannot steal the eternal.

In this life cancer may seem to win, but there is no reason to fear it.
God's glory awaits—no disease or sin, so don't let it conquer your spirit.

Sin has dominion in this life. Disease and disaster abound.
But heaven is coming soon, my friend, we'll hear the trumpet sound!

What a glorious day that will be when we join our loved ones respected.
With Jesus in charge, this earth renewed; we're happy, whole, and perfected.

Cancer is here with sin and strife. It brings both death and disease.
But by the blows upon the cross, Christ won victory for me.

Yes, cancer has a temporary win, the symbol of Satan's leaven,
But through the cross God cancelled our sin and opened the doors of heaven.

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