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The Victory of Men

by Yee Ying Yeo © 2020

In captive Egypt, days of old
Young Israel fast was bound
To mortar, brick, its stronghold
Of bitter affliction she was found

Yet deeper was the darkness felt
No shining light nor hope to know
Such wounds Egypt to her had dealt
Did not to God bid her to go

Forgotten, long buried was
The lighter memory of the Lord
In gleaming gold, and silv'ry gloss
Of Egypt's idols, without a God

Her pain-filled cries ascended above
Impassioned pleas, unknowingly heard
Bade arms of heaven, full of love
To encircle and bless, protect and gird

In blessing, Abraham's children grew
By great number and strength until
The oppressor could not subdue
The land by the blessed ones to fill

The ruthless taskmasters sore afraid
Raised and struck down with the sword
Until Israel's newborn sons were dead
While her grieving rose up to God

Yet compassion had her final say
When Pharoah's daughter, willing
Took Moses the babe to herself away
While love and pity in God was filling

To raise for Himself a humble man
A prophet more humble than any other
By whom Israel's great journey began
A friend to love and cherish as another

Thus a nation unto God was born
Loved and beholden to none but He
By whom the world beyond is won
In a future time by a man on Calvary

It all began with simple faith in men
Strewn in hearts as tiny seeds
Until a better time to reap, when
God could gather up their deeds

A full harvest of glory is found
When faith and action are as one
By men, who willing to be bound
Submit, and thus the victory is won

And we look back through time
Into the world of each man's space
To know the rhythm and rhyme
Is perfect in its immortal place

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