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No Grey Lines

by Alyssa Panck

There is nothing that links good and evil together
How could October be in September
Darkness has nothing in common with the light
The same way Satan is totally separated from Christ
The line between these things is so thin
You can't step on the line; it's lose or win
You can't have one foot over the line
And be in two places at the same time
If one side of the door was white and the other black
There would be no grey welcome mat
This is the point that I am trying to illustrate
Either you will be rejected from or enter into heavens gate
There's no doubt about it one day you will die
And there's one of two places you can reside
Heaven and Hell are real and there's no in between
Without Christ when u die Hell will be your destiny
You cannot have it both ways
Jesus said you're with or against; no walking half ways
You're either all the way in
Or you were never in from the beginning
Heaven and Hell are in no way related
All the grey lines have faded
Luke 11:23 is where it's stated
If you haven't chosen Christ you're already on the other side
This is my definition of No Grey Lines

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