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Not About Me

by Cassandra Perez

It is not about I but He
Took me long enough to see
Not about me but him
Not about us but them
Them that need to learn of his great love
That need to hear about the savior above
He is the one that makes the way
In His name we should pray
For His will to be done
And for His Kingdom come
Advancing the Kingdom is what its about
I know this with out a doubt
Sights should now be set on high
To our heavenly goal in th sky
We were created to carry the news
Not to just sit at church in the pews
To show everyone everywhere
Of a love that is rare
The greatest love there has ever been
The only one that covers sin
To spread this news and tell this story
To live our lives so God gets glory
It is our number one mission
It is called the greatest commission.

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