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by Den Den

God made the pretty birds that fly.
We can see these birds up in the blue sky.
Some birds are brightly colored some are shy.
Shy birds hide in leaves from our eyes.

God wants us to be happy so He made birds.
There are all kinds of birds in this world..
Many birds leave in winter of the year.
But come back in spring singing songs we hear.

The old saying. the early bird catches the worm.
Robins really makes those worms squirm.
Now the wren is just a tiny bird,
But it sings the sweetest songs heard.

Lots of birds are nice to have around.
The lark builds her nest on the ground.
Purple martins live happily all together.
Martins prefer a house for all kinds of weather.

The humming bird lives high in the tree,
She is not much larger than a bee.
Some birds catch their food on the fly,
High up in God's pretty blue sky.

Blue birds are a sign of happiness you know,
And there are big birds the eagle, hawk, and crow.
Also there are many sparrows, pigeons and doves
A great many more are too, even birds of love.

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