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by Kathleen Higham

Sometimes words come to mind
With a little moment of despair
Foolishly I write believing I'm alone
But immediately my friend is there.

In my heart she speaks of love
Sends encouragement to me
Writing Scripture through a song
Into the light I'm running free.

Into the marvelous light I run
My failures forgotten as I soar
Filled with glory not my own
Running, running, once more.

The wallowing has disappeared
Peace comes as I search His Word
Thank God for this precious one
Reading between the lines, she heard.

There are times, weakness comes
Sorrowing the thoughts of yesterday
Wishing to just call them back
Make them better if I may.

Of course yesterday is surely gone
I turned around to find today
Stunned again by time that's spent
Praying for the perfect words to say.

God sends her thoughts my way
She sings a song so I will see
Reaching out across the miles
My Francine comes faithfully to me.

No matter how the time will pass
Whether it be slow or fast
Running into that marvelous light
To touch the face of God at last.

Luv U best friend

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