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Dance of Creation

by Julie Carro

Whispering songs in the gentle breeze,
God shares His melody amongst the trees.
Leaves gleefully dance, swirled by the wind,
Taking their bow, branches tenderly bend.

Applause of the butterflies, clapping for more,
As they join in the dance, tickling the shore.
Colorful costumes; bright reds and blues,
Perfectly balanced, amidst earth's gentle hues.

The Master's artistry clothes the intricate flower,
With the gentlest touch of His Almighty Power.
Light delicate fragrances, waif through the air,
Perfumed in sweetness, so wonderfully rare.

Whistling approval, the birds join in the fun,
A concert of concerts in the light of the sun.
This glorious stage; the Dance of Creation.
The wind in the willows gives a standing ovation.

God sees it is good, and His heart is pleased.
He walks in the coolness in the midst of the trees.
Yet something is missing to finish His plan,
From the dust of the earth, He forms mortal man.

Sudden stillness falls on this Dance of Creation,
As everything that has life, gasps with elation.
They can hardly believe what their eyes are seeing,
As God breathes in his nostrils, giving life to his being.

Man enters the dance in one breath of life.
He longs for a partner, so God makes him a wife.
She is flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bones,
God knows it is good, to not dance alone.

The silence is broken, joy and merriment begin,
As laughter is carried on the crest of the wind.
The symphony of nature lends perfect completion,
To God's gift of life; the Dance of Creation.

This poem was a finalist in the October 2009 poetry contest

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