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Salvation Discovered

by Jurgens Krause © 2005

Hold my hand, I am drowning
The water is turning into blood.
It is filling my body, my heart, my soul
Who will save me?

Death, the final crowning
carried away in a senseless flood
dropped in a bottomless hole
I should have taken what He gave me

I am gone, I am lost
Not even the memory of a touch
I am covered in filth
Can I never be washed

I can see the heavenly host
But my failure is too much
Nothing is left of my wealth
My friends have left me crushed

A new face appears, nailed to a tree
Blood and life flowing forth
It is a new flood, that fills my heart
And love is washing over me

Now I know, yes, now I see
For Him I still have worth
And in Him I have a part
for Jesus Christ has set me free

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