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Anger, Disappointment, and Shocking Beauty

by Laynie Lingle

How many more
Of these people must die
Before your great plan
Is revealed to my eye?

And how many beautiful
Souls must pass
Before I break down
And crumble at last?

How much longer
Shall I suffer and cry
For the ones that I love
As their earthly shells die?

Though their souls live forever
Made perfect in you
Why all this suffering
Must I go through?

I realize this pain
Is just part of your plan
But I'm getting discouraged
Lord, I don't understand

I know there's a great story
Outside of this rut
But here in this moment
I can't tell what is what

Lord I've given you everything
Love, Life, and death
I've given my sins
But I'm not finished yet

Now I give you my anger
My discouragement too
For I don't understand
All the things that you do

Why must they die
And grow sick as they do?
Does this in some way
Bring more praises to you?

I don't get it Lord
Why me and why now?
Yes I know that this will
Make me stronger some how

You look down with purpose
And authority, true
But my heart hurts so much
When things all go askew

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