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by raymond sides

Many times I failed You,
And each time I heard You say,
"Come to me my child, I can help you,
I can show you the way."

I once knew You very well
And I knew Your words were true,
Yet the life I choose to live,
simply had no room for You.

I couldn't have two masters,
Satan won you see.
I was fooled by lies and manipulation,
engulfed by his deceit.

Slipping into a world of darkness,
Your voice still echoed through,
"My child, come to Me,
I can give you life anew."

Still yet I turned away,
from the peace You had to give.
I had no place for You,
it was for me I choose to live.

Self-service brought no happiness,
tears I often cried,
Hurt and angry I blamed the world,
yet it was to me, I lied.

I took the path that wore me down,
With Satan, I was not free.
Once more I heard Your voice,
"My child come to Me."

Your arms still forever opened wide,
You never turned away.
You spoke, "Rest in Me, My yoke is light,
I can give you peace today."

As I fell to my knees,
"Father I have forsaken You," I cried,
"Oh please Lord, please forgive me!"
"Only to You, in my failure, have I lied."

Heavy, hardened tears of shame,
swept down upon my face.
"My child, you are forgiven," He said,
"Your sins have been Erased."

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.