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Jonah's Big Mistake

by Dennis Donald

"It doesn't pay to fight with God."
The voice came from a giant Cod,
A fish so huge, so long, so wide
A full-grown man could fit inside.

"God wanted me to go one way,"
The giant fish appeared to say,
"I disobeyed, but thought I'd win.
Now I've been properly taken in,
It stinks in here, the acid burns,
The fish rolls every time it turns."
Confused, the Cod was lost in thought,
"Whatever is it that I've caught?"

The fish, unwell, the voice came back,
"Please help me get my life on track.
I'm grateful, God. I've now no doubt."
A grateful Cod spat Jonah out!

This poem was a finalist in the November 2016 poetry contest

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