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The Journey

by Natalie Sommerville

I only prayed when things were bad
When it seemed the only choice
I would press my hands together
And let God hear my voice

Then when I awoke from sleep
And everything seemed just fine
I would forget to thank Him
I just never found the time

But one day life became so hard
Despite my desperate plea
I said aloud to the Lord
Why won't you rescue me?

The Lord replied, my dear child
I hear your cries of woe
But before we go any further
There are things you need to know

A relationship goes much deeper
Than a few words here and there
It's more than answering anxious cries
But a journey we have to share

So I'm asking you to walk this way
There are things you need to see
Place your hand right into mine
Come now, walk with me

I promise to never leave your side
So trust me with all your heart
Wherever this road may lead us
Our hands will never part

If you join me on this journey
You'll learn that I love you
And as we both walk hand in hand
You'll learn to love me too.

This poem won first place for the July 2012 poetry contest

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