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God With Us

by Rob Dilworth © 2016

We shattered dreams of Eden’s peace
And pushed away the God of love.
Forever after, without cease,
We’ve strained to reach our God above.

We try to climb the holy hill
But slipping, sliding, we descend.
We try to push beyond our will,
Yet never manage to transcend.

Creation mourns the absence of
The purity before the breach;
For now, our Lord, the God of love
Is far beyond our earthly reach.

But God had plans to span the void,
So willingly removed his crown.
He had to mend what we destroyed,
So into darkness light came down.

He sent his son into the world;
A world enslaved by sin and death.
In Mary’s womb a baby’s curled:
The word of God, creation’s breath.

The fullness of divinity
Was born unto a world defiled.
Through Jewish girl’s virginity,
Our God became a holy child.

The angels couldn’t wait to share,
For heaven thundered with the news.
This baby born without a care,
Fulfilled the promise to the Jews.

Now peace on earth, good will to men,
Emanuel has brought us joy.
We now have peace with God again
And bow before his baby boy.

This poem won first place for the December 2016 poetry contest

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