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My Valentine

by Rob Dilworth © 2017

I was alone and dreaming of
A special one with which to share
My life, my heart, the purest love;
Then I found you, but could I dare
To take the chance and fall into
A union of our God’s design;
A blended one of prior two,
Forevermore my Valentine?

The time until I took the leap
Was only moments, so it seemed,
For I was left a kindled heap;
I’d found the one of which I’d dreamed.
So there before the crowd we stood,
A joining of our hearts - divine.
No doubts or questions if I should,
For I had found my Valentine.

It seems I didn’t understand
The least of what it means to love
And though it wasn’t all we planned,
Our bond was sealed by God above.
Through sickness, trials, smelting heat,
Our hearts began to intertwine.
Additions made our home complete,
And still I love my Valentine.

The years have passed and we have grown
To know each other better still.
Together now before his throne,
We serve our God and always will.
For there we learn of sacrifice;
Where mercy, love and faith combine.
We owe our all to Jesus Christ;
He’s why I have my Valentine.

This poem won first place for the February 2017 poetry contest

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