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Waiting for Spring

by Danette Kettwich

Winter seems to last forever
Longing for the taste of spring
When the birds proclaim
In song their welcomes sing

Rain drops bounce off of
The hard and frozen ground
Unable to accept the
Blessings that abound

Hardened by the season
The sunless days of gloom
Cold, forsaken it seems
Warmth won't come too soon.

Our spirits liken to the ground
In the winters of our life
We can't see the blessings
When hardened by the strife

Look up for the Son is coming
Stirring your heart once more
Don't shut out your soul
From gifts He has in store.

We can chose to stay in winter
Missing blessings it brings
Or we can find Christ's comfort
And rest beneath His wings.

Instead of dwelling on how far
In life you have to go
See how far you've come
and let your spirit flow!

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