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God Loves Me Though I'm Old

by Joye Atkinson

When I was young and vibrant
I had so many friends
Some of them told me
They'd be with me to the end
Now I'm old and feeble
My hair is filled with gray
How I could use those friends right now
As in my younger days
Some say I am senile
Because my memory comes and goes
I just wish somebody would care enough to show
That I am not forgotten
And just love me as I am
I know God still loves me
And I'm His precious lamb
Some day soon when Jesus comes
And takes me home with Him
I'll wear a crown of righteousness
Embellished with fine gems
To God I have been faithful
He's always seen me through
That day I hope to hear Him say
My child I'm pleased with you
Welcome into My presence
Come rest your weary bones
I promise you up here with Me
You'll never be alone

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