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Breaking News !

by Colan Hiatt © 2016

Breaking News !

Breaking news ! Breaking news !
It flashes again across our screen
Lately it happens more and more
It seems to be almost routine

It could be an accident or fire
But more often it's a brutal act
Conveyed by hands of evil men
Against society, they seek impact

What makes it even more profound
Most often it's not against their kind
But children and the innocent
Are victims of an evil mind

It’s a basic fact, since in the garden
When mankind departed from God’s way
Animosity and sin has been the rule
Grief and strife, is the price we pay

Hatred and malice against a neighbor
Or our stance upon philosophy
Denying someone their opinion
No place for truth and God's reality

Only when our lives are yielded to Him
Will there be abiding peace
If we would apply 2 Chronicles 7:14
Then hatred and turmoil, - would cease

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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