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Little Tom's Question

by Margaret Cagle

Sue came home tired from work.
She had worked two shifts today.
She then thanked her baby sitter,
And she sent her on her way.

Sue worked like this quite often.
For her son Tom, she did this.
She wanted him to have the things
That without money, he would miss.

Precious little five-year old Tom
Was waiting up for his mother, Sue.
It was really past his bedtime,
And this, little Tom already knew.

"Thomas, you naughty little boy,
Why aren't you in your bed?"
"I waited up to see you, Mom,"
That little pitiful sad boy said.

"Can I ask you one question, Mom?"
"Yes, Thomas, but make it fast.
I have a lot of things to do
Until I can go to bed at last."

"I was wondering how much money
That you make in one hour, Mom."
"Well, I make about twenty dollars.
Why do you want to know, Tom?"

Before Tom answered the question,
He paused and counted, you see.
"If I give you all my allowance,
Could you spend an hour with me?"

Sue reached down and held her son.
She gave him a hug so very tight.
It took Sue a very long time
To finally tell her son "Good Night."

"Forgive me Lord," Sue prayed.
"I've been such a fool, I guess.
I know money is not as important
As my son, Lord, I confess."

This poem was a finalist in the September 2012 poetry contest

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