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The Ultimate Fisherman

by Kathleen Higham

I felt Your Glory today
And I am mesmerized by the ocean
Inhaling fresh clean salty air
As my body moves in rhythmic motion

And my line is in deep water
As I try to see what is there
But it is impossible for human vision
No matter how long and hard I stare

I visualize a rocky bottom
Filled with huge and graceful fish
And I am waiting so patiently
For that tug is my constant wish

And then it finally happened
With tremendous power he ran with my line
And I fought a courageous battle
Struggling and hopeful for a sign

But he pulled and tugged and ran
And I could hardly hold onto my pole
And I wanted so badly to land him
It's the fisherman's ultimate goal

But it was not meant to happen
The line snapped and there I sat
And I felt such a deep dissapointment
Then I wondered if God felt like that

For my mind had made this comparison
To our Lord we often run
But then we become so distracted
And we leave Him before He is done

But He is "The Ultimate Fisherman"
And His line is constantly casting
Until finally we run and we take it
Then He pulls us to life everlasting

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