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Painful Choices

by Rachel Jamerson

Your life is at a crossroads.
Which pathway will you take?
Deceptions' an unfaithful partner,
Choose wisely much is at stake.

The trap is set and waiting,
Of which you're unaware,
The price to be required of you,
Is everything you have.

Wine is a mocker and is raging,
Those deceived thereby aren't wise,
You err in vision and judgment,
Your captain steers with lies.

Making your bed on the ocean,
You'll awake in great despair,
Your body brutally beaten,
And your heart beyond repair.

Suffering the sting of the adder,
Stricken yet feeling no pain,
Yet when the dark cloud rises,
You will go there once again

Beware the enemy draws you,
Closer to your final breath.
For where he desires to take you,
You'll sleep the sleep of death.

Shake off the thoughts that bind you.
The fog that dulls the eye.
Your Father wants to heal you,
From the bondage of Satan's lies.

The chains aren't there that bound you,
You see with great surprise.
Why, in fact, they never were,
Just more of Satan's lies.

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