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The Next Phase

by Geoffrey Plummer

Bring in the cart
And haul him away
Countenance fallen
No laughter today

Take care of the spouse
Meet every need
The pain is internal
No visible bleed

A moment of tribute
Long overdue
Some kind words of mercy
Mourners subdued

Some memorable pictures
A few stories to tell
Some comments of kindness
Anger dispelled

One journey ended
Another begins
You might know the path
For a man laced with sin

He gave to no person
He spent all that he had
His family ungrateful
Only one sot is sad

I reached out to him
He pushed me away
Countless attempts
I am dismayed

Did I fail in my task?
Though I shared the Light
My prayers were unanswered
He fell to the Night

I alone am here mourning
This miserable man
But I dedicate my trust
To His great and wise plan

I don't like this feeling
I weep with the pen
I pray I don't ever
Feel this way again

My anguish is great
The tears stain the page
Though my pastor has said
I'm in the phase of the sage

There is no more life
No ideas to defend
But I'll remember these words
And I'll miss my dear friend

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