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We'll Meet Him In The Air

by Peter Fraser © 2019

When the times are tough and the Day is long, our thoughts turn to where we really belong,
We struggle and fight to survive every day, in a perishing World where we don't want to stay,
As the Lord prophesied the Crime rate increases, while love waxes cold and caring decreases,
The Earthquakes keep coming Tsunami's and flood, the evildoer continues to shed innocent blood,

There are many wars and rumours of more, wild weather patterns prove that we stand at the door
We go to and fro across a Global Village, at the mercy of deceit and Political pillage
But all of us Saints have hope always there, one day we'll meet Jesus when he comes in the air.

There's maniacal terrorists with violent religions, their goal to cause fear and cultural divisions,
The numbers of homeless continues to grow, but nobody cares or even wants to know,
The mentally ill are dumped on our streets, an uncaring system needs empty beds and clean sheets,
Communist Governments, Godless and oppressive, Dictatorial Regimes and economies recessive,
Leaders cannot be trusted to do the right thing, their decisions are twisted and we all feel the sting,
Drug use and suicide are daily events, while 6 billion people sit on the fence
But I know a people who've escaped the world's snare, they'll meet with their Lord when he comes in the air.

Millions of Babies across the world aborted, in reprobate minds the truth is distorted,
Sexual sin is rampant deviant and seedy, they can't get enough the captive heart is greedy,
Murder is common violence and fighting, the world thrives on gossip slander and backbiting,
The sodomites wield their rights like a spear, they're proud to be twisted, aberrant and queer,
Youth show no respect for Parents or law, an entire generation with a character flaw,
False teachers lead believers down the wrong path, with blood on their hands they're welcoming wrath,
But the faithful that are true and do not despair, will meet the Lord Jesus when he comes in the air.

But even the Church is not fool proof, there's a lot of errant ways under the Christian roof,
Some seek prosperity possessions or riches, they're lost in the world it's power bewitches,
Some follow "Miracles" great travelling shows, Preachers with Jets and Armani clothes,
Then there are those who seek "The Purpose Driven Life", the best House, the best Car the best Job and best Wife,
Mega churches of thousands on rolling estates, commercial and impersonal Christianity mutates,
The Word is not preached only popular tripe, "Tell em what they want to hear" and the credit cards swipe,
But where there's humility, faithfulness and prayer, there will be a reunion with Christ when he comes in the air.

And so Dear Saints on this world we continue to live, God commands we are faithful to love and forgive,
To share his Gospel with all of the lost, as civilisation descends into a moral holocaust,
We must stay separate from the world and its vices, be wary of Satan and his snaring devices,
Forever on watch for false doctrines and error, lest we take the wide road to eternal terror,
But we know that Christ has walked in our shoes, so don't get despondent don't get the blues,
He is there to forgive us when we stumble or fall, his Spirit will guide us until we are called,
On that greatest day without compare, when we meet with Lord Jesus when he comes in the air.

This poem was a finalist in the August 2021 poetry contest

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