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The Fathers Shoes

by Gerald Lansbery © 2018

The Fathers shoes are big, and wide
we slip our tiny feet inside
We try to walk, and we fall down
then skin our knee upon the ground

The Father holds out His helping hand
We give Him ours so we can stand
They're not for you these shoes of mine
you'll fit your own when it is time

He goes to the closet and says with a stare
these are the shoes that you need to wear
But after awhile we want our own choice
so we just disregard the sound of His voice

We run to the store and buy a few pair
One's we think would be cheerful to wear
But after awhile inside those new shoes
our feet are so heavy we barely can move

So we run to the closet and see them old shoes
We take out a pair, we have nothing to loose
We see in the shoes then fell on our knees
A label when read said, Jesus wore these

We gather the shoes with no label inside
bring them outdoors and cast then aside
Now every time we put on some shoes
we'll know, our Savior wore them too!

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